Pixels Of Reality

Painting Exhibition in Aegina at Perdikiotika from 12/9 to 6/10 

Opening Friday 20/9/19 at 20:30

Landscapes, people and feelings rush by and are recorded in our memory while riding the bike on the islands of Aegina and Amorgos over the last 15 years. Images are warped by the speed, lose their sharpness and become pixelated.


Memory, dreams, imagination and the distortion of time have transformed what the eye sees and the mind remembers. Form, light and perspective have melted together to create an alternative reality where time and space become irrelevant, the future and the past become one and the present is implicit.


The materials used - oils, acrylics, inks, sawdust, glues and cement create textures that echo pixels of the original feelings, now blurred into a distant memory. The observer is invited to rearrange them into a different reality, possibly a meaningful, personal message.