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Title: Pause from The group exhibition: Pause

Video – Point of View

Duration 3:03 min



Point of view uses movement, color and sound to, metaphorically, touch upon the concept carried within the word Pause.


We all know that we experience reality in different ways as it depends on our point of view. Each one of us carries around his/hers/its unique reality which, although in general terms is similar to that of others, when we go deeper we all find a core known only to us. None of us can experience reality as a whole, which is what creates conflict.

By design we experience it in a simplified, generalised fashion in order to make sense of everything, and survive.

We only see a small portion of it.

Be willing to change our point of view and we will experience a different fragment of reality. And we might get closer to someone else.


Movement is expressed by the seemingly constant flow of the sea.

When we look at the sea we see a simplified, generalised version of billions of water molecules dancing with each other, which for convenience we call water or sea.

These molecules are constantly moving, dancing.  When they meet one another they pause, they hug, for an instant then turn around and dance until they meet the next one, pause and hug for an instant and so on. This repetition creates what we experience as, flow or waves or water or sea.


The footage of the sea has been manipulated and slowed down to reduce the amount of information received by the eye and the brain.

The sound has also been manipulated and slowed down. It is an extract of Katica Illenyi playing the Theremin, an instrument,  that involves the manipulation of electromagnetic fields around two antennae

and produces sounds by way of the hands interacting with air.


The different shades of the color blue are as originally filmed on the eastern coast of the island of Amorgos.

The color blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity. Blue can represent rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and release feelings of tranquility.

Blue is the color that can best represent and embody the process of slowing down and the actual moment of pause.

Pause_Yzagor copy.jpg

Title:  Point of View from The group exhibition: Pause

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