Yzagor was born in Athens. He grew up between Johannesburg, South Africa and Athens, Greece.

At the age of 17 he moved to London for the next 15 years where he went on to get a BSc in Industrial Chemistry & Design from the City University of London. After working as a research scientist in London for a number of years he took time off to travel to India (to be followed by many trips), where he got introduced to painting and various crafts by following numerous seminars and workshops from local artists and craftsmen.

In his paintings he works from memory and/or imagination, he likes experimenting with different materials, techniques and tools, and usually starts a painting with no specific plan or if there is one it is very flexible so as to give room to constructive randomness and chance. The creation of different textures, the thickness or type of the paint, the constant dialogue with the non-specific, the back and forth, the layers of colors, the adding and then subtracting, are all part of the process he follows to paint.

Inspired mainly from: subconscious, dreams, fantasy, memory, feelings, string theory, holographic theory, quantum theory, cognitive science, randomness, chaos, microscopic, macroscopic. He sees things from a non specific, out of focus, deformed and fragmented point of view and enjoys breaking down an image to pieces and rearranging it.

He works with watercolors, acrylics, oils, oxidations, collage, fabric on canvas, paper, metal, wood.

For his crafts he has a broad interest in materials and has worked in various stages with metal, wood, fabric, glass, paper, fabric. see more 

He is also the co-owner of The Cool Projects, a venture created in 2012 with his partner in life Marina. The Cool Projects is about projects that promote traditional methods of production of natural products and traditional craftsmen that produce in small handmade batches with respect to the environment, animals & quality of life.

Our first project was to create and run a small soap factory on the island of Aegina that uses natural ingredients and sustainable small eco friendly production. see more 


2004  Anemos Gallery, Athens 

2007  Astrolavos Gallery, Athens 

2008  Cats & Marbles Gallery, Athens 

2009  Visages de l'Art, Thisisnotagallery, Athens 

2010  Cultural Center of Amorgos

2011   Booze Cooperativa, Athens 

2012   M-Art Gallery, Athens 

2018   Alexandra Solomou Gallery Aegina

2019 Perdikiotika Bar/Restaurant Aegina