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My basic sources of inspiration are: the subconscious, dreams, fantasy, faded memory, feelings, randomness, chaos, the microscopic and macroscopic…


I like working with pretty much everything: watercolors, acrylics, oils, oxidations, collage, fabric on canvas, paper, metal, wood and basically mixed media.

I usually start a painting with a very flexible idea, a memory or a feeling, and allow room for constructive randomness and chance. I am usually experimenting with different or altered perspectives, and am more interested in the fragmented, deformed, out of focus way of perceiving and expressing “reality”.

My educational background and early professional years are scientific (BSc Industrial Chemistry and Design from The City University, London, UK). I have been active in the world of arts & crafts for the last 25 years.  I claim to be self-taught, but I have followed numerous seminars and workshops by local artists and craftsmen ιν India, Greece & England who have helped me in many ways.

Born in Athens, grew up between Athens, Johannesburg and London. Currently based on the Greek islands of Aegina & Amorgos.


2004  Anemos Gallery, Athens 

2007  Astrolavos Gallery, Athens 

2008  Cats & Marbles Gallery, Athens 

2009  Visages de l'Art, Thisisnotagallery, Athens 

2010  Cultural Center of Amorgos

2011   Booze Cooperativa, Athens 

2012   M-Art Gallery, Athens 

2018   Alexandra Solomou Gallery Aegina

2019   Perdikiotika Bar/Restaurant Aegina

2022   Proka Bar Aegina

2022   Group show - Markellos Tower - Aegina

2023   Group Show - Markellos Tower - Aegina


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